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Part of a UK wide network first established in 2004, Sandra set up Business Doctors Sussex Coast in early 2017. She spends her days helping small and medium sized businesses of all kinds to grow and thrive, find funding and better engage their employees.

With 25 years’ experience of setting up or running SMEs – more often than not family businesses – she has specific expertise in sales, marketing, finance, operations and HR.

Sandra understands the challenges commonly faced by SME owners. “In a small business you rarely have the luxury of in-house specialist expertise, so you can end up feeling that you have to do it all yourself,” she says.

“And that can make for a lonely place. It can be a real challenge to find time to stand back and take stock of where you are now, what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there.  It’s equally testing to work out what you can manage yourself and what you need help with.

“I’ve developed a very thorough and logical mindset,” she says, “and of equal importance, I know how to listen.

“Small businesses need more than the kind of consultant who hands over a report and makes their exit.  Business Doctors get actively involved in helping local businesses get to the next level. Our expertise enables SMEs to think bigger, act bigger and grow bigger.”

In recent years, Sandra has also been supporting one of the largest secondary schools in the UK, providing strategic advice and direction to its senior leadership team.

“The basic principles are the same for everyone. Core concepts don’t change whatever the market or size,” she observes. “It’s about having the experience, knowing how to apply it, and understanding where change will make a difference.”

Sandra offers a free 60 minute business health check for SMEs interested in achieving their next level of growth. She can be contacted on 07809 909839 or at

Sandra Murphy

Sandra Murphy

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